Today we heard our local Athens shelter was full.

The first pup that I instantly thought of when hearing of a full shelter was Merlot. Merlot doesn’t come up to the front of his kennel, so if he looks unfamiliar, that’s probably why. He’s very scared and everything is very, very new to him. Merlot came in as a stray, with hardly any hair (we thought he was silver when he first came in). His coat has filled out a lot, and he looks so much better now! Merlot no longer has to be scared, as he now has a chance at life in a lovely foster home.

With the help of the lovely Aimee Bruce Bell and Madison Webb, Merlot made it out of the shelter today. Welcome Merlot, to the lovely Three Paws Rescue family, we are so excited that we get to find you a forever home!!