Why use pawsumes?


Clean and minimalistic helps you stay on top of the animals in your organization. Notification highlights action items related to the animal such as medical appointments or events related to a foster or adopter.

You can quickly see what animals are waiting to find a home as well as those that are pending their adoption. If using applications, you can see what are the recent submitted applications.


Select from a number of templates to best show off the organization. Each organization comes with their own home page which displays information to visitors about the organization as well as adoptable animal listings for potential adopters to browse.


Select from a number of templates to best show off the animal. Each animal comes with their own photo gallery that potential adopters can browse to see how adorable the animal is. By enter medical information for the animal, the system will automatically generate a health records page with a PDF that can be downloaded for the adopter.

Edit Animal

Information about the animal is organized into various sections allowing for you to enter as much as an animal to make it easier for a potential adopter to learn about the animal.

Edit Organization

Information about the organization is organized into various sections.


Reporting that provides you with valuable insights into the interests of the animals as well as help you gain a better understanding of the volunteers in the organization.


Shortcuts to quickly edit certain data points related to an animal.


You can use the Form Builder to create any type of online forms suitable for your purpose such as Adoption Applications or Adoption Agreement.

Example of Forms

Here is just a sample of the types of forms you can create or you can clone a form from the templates library and adjust it for your use

Example of Record Keeping Forms

If the entity that regulates the rescue organizations in your location, you can also use the Form Builder to create forms that the system can auto-populate based on an activity such as when an animal goes from foster home to adopter or a foster home inspection.